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The WPC Wireless Power Consortium has published the list of Qi members in December: 367   

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Apple released three in support of wireless charging iPhone, wireless charging likes a boom being a wave of waves, according to the  Powered by Discuz, Samsung, Huawei, Millet are in place to prepare their next generation wireless mobile phone, wireless charging accessories become the new growth point of accessories manufacturers, are aimed at tuyere, waiting game.
While joining WPC wire
less charging alliance has become the threshold of industry.

In November, the number of WPC members was reported by the Chongdiantou Net total of 323. According to the latest statistics of tChongdiantou Net the number increased to 367 this month, up by 13.6%.

The newest  list of Wireless Power Consortium Members  (Until Dec.26  2017)

About the WPC
WPC is the first Wireless Power Consortium industry standards organizations, for the 15W low-power formulated the industry standard, the purpose is in all kinds of products and to achieve interoperability between portable devices.
The products certified by WPC will be marked with the LOGO "Qi" and the terminal with "Qi" can be charged on all charging boards marked with the LOGO.
Join WPC for an annual fee from $5,000 to $25,000, if you would like to get the “Qi “certification you must join WPC .

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