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USB3.1 CM TO CM Optic-electric hybrid

Product type : Optic-electric hybrid

Length(MAX) : 10M

Transmission rate : 10Gbps

Rescaled Resolution 4K

Optical fiber type : OM2

Product Details

     Product feature

            1. Maximum transmission length is 10 meters

            2. Adopt 850nm multimode optical cable to avoid EMI / RFI interference with higher security

            3. Compatible with USB3.0 standard A interface, but not backwards compatible with USB2.0/USB1.1

            4. Support USB3.1 10Gbps bandwidth.

            5. USB bus 5V power supply support needed

            6. Plug and play (without software installation)

            7. ULP

     Applied range

            1. Machine vision expands with camera.

            2. Security camera expansion.

            3. Digital signs and TV walls.

            4. Intelligent digital video monitoring system.

            5. Zero client system transmission.

            6. Remote Storage


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