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HDMI2.1 AM TO AM Optic-electric hybrid

Product type : Optic-electric hybrid

Length(MAX) : 50M

Transmission rate : 48Gbps

Rescaled Resolution : 8K/60Hz

Optical fiber type : OM2

Product Details

     Product feature

            1.Maximum transmission length is 50 m

            2.Support 8k/60Hz ultra HD display.

            3.Compatible with HDMI2.1, downward compatible with HDMI2.0/HDMI1.4/HDMI1.3

            4.PnP, no driver

            5.Without any external power supply

            6.Cable is lighter and thinner, which the wieght and volume has reduced at least 70% materials than  tranditional copper cable

            7.It has excellent anti-electromagnetic interference characteristics.

            8.Support HDCP

     Applied range

            1.Home Theater

            2.HD video conference system.

            3.Outdoor large screen display.

            4.Large medical imaging system.

            5.Radio Data System

            6.High definition monitoring system.

            7.International large exhibition hall.

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