Type-C Fishnet jacket

Product type   : Type-C Fishnet jacket

Length(MAX) : 1.0/1.5/2.0M

Transmission rate: 480Mbps

Product Details

  Product feature

      1. Designed with the latest USB3.0  type-c interface technology

      2. The Type C interface is similar to Micro USB interface in size, about 8.25*2.4mm

      3.Type C interface contains 24pin terminals and supports forward and reverse insertion and extraction

      4.Ultra thin design, mini size

      5. Data transmission rate can reach 480Mbps, current: 3A

      6. It is used to read, write and transmit data by using mobile devices with type-c interface

      7.Ultra-thin design, mini size

      8.PU leather braid with strong tensile strength and wear resistance

 Applied range
      TYPE-C equipment

  Product color








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